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Schedule for Singapore Hypnotherapy Course (Certification Outline)

UK based ICCHP is a London Hypnotherapy College that offers a comprehensive hypnotherapy training programme for students in Singapore, through our education partners, the School of Clinical Hypnosis, which is a subsidiary of the Centre for Human Services (Singapore) Pte. Limited. Students in Asia can now enjoy the same quality of professional hypnosis and hypnotherapy training from the ICCHP, with a range of flexible study options to learn therapeutic hypnosis. Both classroom based hypnotherapy courses and certified online hypnotherapy learning options are available.


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Singapore Practitioner Certificate in Hypnotherapy (PCHyp)

Upon completion, you will be able to practice hypnotherapy as a student practitioner under supervision with access to clinical supervision and mentoring


The ICCHP hypnotherapy course in Singapore offers you an opportunity for you to practice your hypnotherapy techniques already learned as well as share your experiences and interface with other students. During the practitioner certificate course you will be taught, coached and supported during your practice. Once you have passed your six online course components you will be awarded the Practitioner Certificate (PCHyp) in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Hypnotic scripts and video demonstrations of the techniques from the course modules will also be made available to you indefinitely with no time limits.



Part time Courses start in Jan 2020 and Jun 2020


Orientation: Administrative procedures | Use of online resources

  • 04 Jan 2020  | 10.00am - 12.00pm  (January Intake)
  • 30 May 2020 | 10.00am - 12.00pm  (June Intake)

Classroom Phase: Weekday Evenings & Saturday (Refer to the Schedule below for more information)

  • Commences: 10 Jan 2020 |  Ends: 09 May 2020  (January Intake)
  • Commences: 13 Jun 2020 | Ends: 12 Sept 2020  (June Intake)

Online Phase

  • Self-study with email and telephone support
  • Tutor assistance on demand, by appointment only


  • Obtain an Internationally Recognised Hypnotherapy Qualification
  • Become a GHR*/IHR* Registered Hypnotherapist
  • Upon successful completion of the course you can use the letters PCHyp after your name
  • Eligible to Begin Practising Upon Completion of the Course**




Scheduled Dates for Practitioner Certificate in Hypnotherapy (Part Time)


Module 101: Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

10 Jan 2020  | 11 Jan 2020  (January Intake)

13 Jun 2020  |  22 Jun 2020  |  24 Jun 2020  (June Intake)

Module 201: Introduction to Hypnotherapy Practice

31 Jan 2020  |  01 Feb 2020  (January Intake)

27 Jun 2020  |  06 Jul 2020  |  08 Jul 2020  (June Intake)

Module 202: Behavioural Hypnotherapy Practice

28 Feb 2020  |  29 Feb 2020  (January Intake)

11 Jul 2020  |  20 Jul 2020  !  22 Jul 2020  (June Intake)

Module 203: Psycho-dynamic Hypnotherapy Practice

27 Mar 2020  |  28 Mar 2020  (January Intake)

03 Aug 2020  |  05 Aug 2020  |  22 Aug 2020  (June Intake)

Module 204: Indirect Hypnotherapy Practice

17 Apr 2020  |  18 Apr 2020  (January Intake)

24 Aug 2020  |  26 Aug 2020  |  29 Aug 2020  (June Intake)

Module 205: Applied Hypno-therapeutics

08 May 2020  |  09 May 2020  (January Intake)

07 Sept 2020  |  09 Sept 2020  |  12 Sept 2020  (June Intake)

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Please contact the School of Clinical Hypnosis in Singapore at the email below for further details and to book a place on the course.

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