Taught by Lorraine Flaherty

This course has been designed to enable you to help clients deal with unhelpful beliefs and behaviours they have picked up from their childhood experiences. It allows for a complete rewrite of the inner programmes, effectively wiping the slate clean and changing the life script. This allows the client to get a whole new perspective on life and how they see themselves in it.

You will learn how to help your client:

  • Uncover the unhelpful beliefs and behaviours they have picked up from their caregivers and identify the impact this has had on their life so far.
  • Meet with and speak to the ‘Wounded Inner child’ to generate understanding and healing.
  • Meet with and speak to the ‘Wounded Inner child version of the primary caregivers’ to generate understanding and healing.
  • Meet with and speak to the ‘earliest ancestors responsible for generating the unhelpful beliefs and behaviours’ to generate understanding and healing along the entire ancestral line.
  • Rewrite the childhood memories with the new beliefs and behaviours allowing the ‘inner child’ to grow up experiencing the world in a positive light.
  • Diminish the negative memories from childhood by storing them in a way which lessens their impact.
  • Reintegrate the fully grown and empowered ‘Inner child’ aspect along with their positive version of the childhood memories.
  • Future pace with new positive perspective in place.


About Lorraine


Lorraine works as a transformational therapist, using a process called Inner Freedom Therapy. This utilises the tools of hypnotherapy, past life therapy, lives between lives, inner child therapy, ancestral healing and spirit release. Over the last 14 years Lorraine has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs so that they could reach their full potential,this includes many stars of radio, television, music and film.

Lorraine holds an Advanced Diploma inClinical Hypnosis and has taught Accelerated Learning Skills and Communication Skills to medical students, dentists and midwives in many universities including UCL, Oxford and Cambridge for over 8 years. Lorraine is a Master Practitioner of NLP and spent 7 years on the assisting team of Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler. She has a Diploma in Regression Therapy, a Certificate in Life Between Livesanda Train the Trainers certificate fromThe Regression Academy. She is certified in Future Life Progression and is a director of the Past and Future Life Society - created by Anne Jirsch.

Lorraine also works as a corporate coach helping individuals and groups with Stress Management,Presentation Skills, Communication and Influencing Skills. She is Usui and Angelic Reiki trained and I has attended many courses in spiritual and Shamanic traditions both in this country and around the world.

Lorraine is a full member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the Past Life Therapists Association. Lorianne has a practice in Covent Garden,runs workshops on finding Inner Freedom andPast Life Regressionandretreats around the world called 'The Way to Inner Freedom' and 'Get Over It'. Her book entitledHealing with Past Life Therapy,Transformational Journeys through Time and Space, is based on the incredible experiences of her clients' sessions and the powerful healing that takes place as a result of this work.


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